Air Traffic Manager - Max Maude  

The Air Traffic Manager is responsible to the VATUSA Southern Region Director for the overall administration of the ARTCC. The ATM is responsible for appointing ARTCC staff members and delegation of authorities.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager - Eli Snowden  

The Deputy Air Traffic Manager reports to the Air Traffic Manager and acts as Air Traffic Manager in their absence. The Deputy Air Traffic Manager is jointly responsible for administration and accuracy of the roster including visiting controllers.

Training Administrator - Zackaria Bomenir  

The Training Administrator works with the Air Traffic Manager and Deputy Air Traffic Manager to build training programs, establish training procedures and recommend instructors and mentors. The Training Administrator works with Instructors and Mentors to develop knowledge and mentors to help develop teaching ability.

Webmaster - Kyle Porter  

Responsible to the Air Traffic Manager for the operation and maintenance of all IT services including, but not limited to, the Website, Teamspeak and Email services and any other tasking as directed.

Events Coordinator - Dhagash Kapadia  

The Events Coordinator is responsible to the Deputy Air Traffic Manager for the coordination, planning, dissemination and creation of events to neighboring facilities, virtual airlines, VATUSA and VATSIM.

Facility Engineer - Joseph Kaiser  

The Facility Engineer is responsible to the Senior Staff for creation of sector files, radar client files, training scenarios, Letters of Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, Standard Operating Procedures and other requests as directed and submission to the Air Traffic Manager for approval prior to dissemination.


  • Zackaria Bomenir
  • Meg Bruck
  • Max Maude
  • Joseph Kaiser
  • Nathan Forste
  • Joshua Haight
  • Daniel Moreno


  • William Costello
  • Timothy Makarov
  • Andrew Lorenzo
  • Nathan Cox
  • Kyle Porter
  • Elliot Jordan
  • Zhenhao Yang
  • Jacob Race
  • Simon Heck
  • Ford Grable